Due to COVID-19 our school year 2020-2021 will begin in October. With smaller class sizes and only M-W-F mornings, with Tuesday and Thursday being used for sanitizing/disinfecting rooms and equipment. If you would like more information or for a personal tour, please call 716-876-6282 and leave us a message with your information, or you can email us at Northmorenurseryschool@gmail.com

Since 1950, Northmore, a non-sectarian, non-profit Kenmore Nursery School, has taught three, four, and plus four year olds in a suite of classrooms at Kenmore Presbyterian Church. The school evolved from a playgroup started in 1944, by members of the Kenmore Newcomers Club. As the program grew more popular, teachers were hired and a curriculum formed.
As an extension of Northmore Nursery School in Kenmore NY, a parent club was organized to provide both monetary support and extra-curricular activities for the whole family. Parental involvement is encouraged in both classroom and parents club, but is not mandatory in order for your child to be enrolled at Northmore.