We are Moving!

We are so excited to announce that Northmore Nursery School will be moving to a new location for the 2021-2022 School Year! Beginning in September 2021, our new home will be in the Jefferson Youth Center located at 250 Athens Blvd, Buffalo, NY 14223. (Located in the neighborhood behind Paula’s Donuts on Sheridan Dr.) 

Our next OPEN HOUSE will be held on WED. MAY 12, 6-8pm. Please call to schedule your visit, 876-6282.


With the many changes to the schools due to COVID-19, here is some information about Northmore Nursery School. Our school falls under the category of Daycares and Early Childhood Centers. Therefore, we are able to remain open. Upon arrival children and their parents must come to the door with their masks on. Children are greeted at the door, where they will have their temperature checked and hands will be sanitized. They are required to wear their masks in ALL communal areas. Once in their classroom they are able to remove their masks and each child will wash their hands. Each child has their own supplies in their own tote and a yoga mat for circle time. Hands are sanitized throughout the day and washed before snack and before dismissal. Masks must be worn whenever the children leave their classroom. We have staggered our dismissal to avoid crowding. If your child is not feeling well please keep them home. Our classroom, equipment and toys are cleaned and sanitized after every session. If you have any questions please contact us at 876-6282.

Since 1950, Northmore, a non-sectarian, non-profit Kenmore Nursery School, has taught three, four, and plus four year olds in a suite of classrooms at Kenmore Presbyterian Church. The school evolved from a playgroup started in 1944, by members of the Kenmore Newcomers Club. As the program grew more popular, teachers were hired and a curriculum formed.
As an extension of Northmore Nursery School in Kenmore NY, a parent club was organized to provide both monetary support and extra-curricular activities for the whole family. Parental involvement is encouraged in both classroom and parents club, but is not mandatory in order for your child to be enrolled at Northmore.