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Since 1950, Northmore, a non-sectarian, non-profit Kenmore Nursery School, has taught three, four, and plus four year olds in a suite of classrooms at Kenmore Presbyterian Church. The school evolved from a playgroup started in 1944, by members of the Kenmore Newcomers Club. As the program grew more popular, teachers were hired and a curriculum formed.

As an extension of Northmore Nursery School in Kenmore NY, a parent club was organized to provide both monetary support and extra-curricular activities for the whole family. Parental involvement is encouraged in both classroom and parents club, but is not mandatory in order for your child to be enrolled at Northmore.

Our Northmore community was so deeply saddened by the passing of our director, Mrs. Puntoriero. We carry her memory as we continue to educate the children of Western New York.