Through thoughtfully planned activities, teachers guidance and leadership, the children at our Tonawanda NY Nursery School have the opportunity to:

  • Be Successful

  • Make Choices

  • Explore Feelings

  • Make New Friends

  • Enjoy relationships with teachers

  • Develop appropriate social skills

  • Develop respect for self and others

  • Develop self-confidence and good self-esteem

We also work closely with the parents to provide the the opportunity to observe their child objectfully, so they may better understand the principles of child development, and how to meet their child’s needs.


  • Music

  • Games

  • Field Trips

  • Group Discussions

  • Physical activities for large and small muscle growth

  • Supervised projects that introduce new skills and enhance others

Past Activities Have Included

  • Simple cooking activities

  • Creating crafts and Gifts

  • Sharing happy times with senior citizens

  • Visits to the fire station, the library, the dentist, and more

  • Special celebrations for Mothers Day, Fathers Day, Special Persons Day, and four year old graduation ceremony


Are small to provide individual attention.


Create a positive, happy, and secure foundation to set the stage for formal education.